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Package Deal
(s&h included)

Chinese Shuffle
Third Party
Package Deal
Breakfast On The Table
Bag Lady
How Long Can This Go On
Can't Watch A Pussycat
When You Leave Don't Take Nothing
Truck Load Of Loving
I Made A Mistake

First Thing Tuesday Morning
(s&h included)

Love To See You Smile
First Thing Tuesday Morning*
A Man Down There
Trying To Hoodoo Me*
She Hit Me From The Blind Side
I Promise
You, You
Crush On My Next Door Neighbor*

*hear samples of these songs on Artie's Music Page
Blues In The Past
(s&h included)

Breaking Up Somebody's Home
Somebody Loan Me A Dime
Hard Luck Blues
Make My Get Away
I Don't Know
I'm A Man
Woke Up This Morning
Woman Lied
Blues Shadow Falling
We Gonna Make It

Can't Get Enough
(s&h included)

Can't Get Enough*
Not The Same Person
Love You Don't Know About
I'm Crazy About You Baby
My Best Friend*
Monkey Dog 2000
I've Been Down So Long*
Adorable One
I'll Make It Better



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